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What is Family Start?

  • The Family Start programme was established in 1998 as part of a wider strategy to strengthen families
  • It provides intensive, home-based support services for families with high needs, to ensure that their
        children have the best possible start in life

    The Aim of Family Start

  • Improve health, education and social outcomes for children
  • Improve parents' parenting capability and practice
  • Improve children's and parents' personal and family circumstances

    How is Family Start Funded?

  • Family Start is funded and managed by the Ministries of Health, Education and Social Development
  • The programme is delivered by contracted service providers
  • 3-year agreement: reviewed after 2 years

    Who Participates?

  • The Family Start programme is aimed at the 15% of families most in need of support to improve health,
        education and social outcomes for their children
  • Designated community agencies refer families to Family Start
  • Priority given to families with a child under 12 months old
  • Taupo District - Taupo/ Turangi/ Mangakino; 80 families

    Family/Whanau Workers

  • The core of the Family Start programme is home visiting by a family/whanau worker
  • This person works with the family to identify priorities and to support them to achieve their goals
  • The family/whanau worker acts as an advocate and coordinator between all agencies to ensure that
        the family's priorities are met

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